Hybrid Deep Groove Ball Bearing

●Non-separating bearing. ●Suitable for high-speed applications. ●The inner hole range is 5 to 180 mm. ●Widely used bearing type, especially in motor applications and in electric motors.

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1. car Among the bearings used in automobiles, the highest speed requirement is the turbine charger bearing, which is required to have good acceleration reactivity, as well as low torque, low vibration and low temperature rise under high speed rotation. Due to its low temperature rise in work, it can reduce the amount of lubricating oil, thus reducing the oil mixing resistance, bearing torque, speed rise. In addition, it is also used by rail vehicles and its durability and reliability under harsh conditions have been demonstrated. 2. Motor The electric motor can be insulated permanently by using it. When the electric motor is used for deceleration and energy saving devices, internal leakage can cause the phenomenon of arc discharge. 3. Aeroengine In the fuel pump of an aeroengine, it can operate in liquid oxygen and hydrogen medium for a long time, and it has been proved that it can undergo 50 launch processes without damage. 4. Aircraft parts The aircraft industry has used ball screws fitted with ceramic balls for aircraft flap regulators and has experimented with hybrid ceramic bearings for gas turbine engines.(1) Non-separating bearing. (2) Suitable for high-speed applications. XRL mixed ceramic deep groove ball bearing ceramic ball and raceway can have a continuous and good fit, so that the bearing can withstand radial load and axial load in both directions. (3) The inner hole range is 5 to 180 mm. Bearings with an inner diameter of d ≤ 45 mm can be used for motors with power of 0,15 to 15 kW, power tools and high-speed driving equipment. XRL mixed deep groove ball bearings within this size range are the most economical solution to prevent electrical erosion.

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